2015 Dustball Rally 2000

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I ashamedly have all but abandoned this site, so maybe it’s time make an update. In the wake of the recent Dustball Rally, it’s articles such as these which bring with them a longing for great roads along with motivation to work hard.

Forget The Gumball. This Is What A Cross-Country Rally Is Supposed To Be
– Written by Tavarish, who was great to have along and become part of the Dustball family. A great overview, even for the non-“car guy”. A couple of my photos are in it. Amazing read.

The 2015 Dustball Rally 2000: Dallas to NYC
– Written by Drew Wilson, veteran Dustballer. A technical, detailed play-by-play. I get a mention or two along with being in a couple photos. A superb write-up.

Somewhere in West Virginia near the PA border
Somewhere in West Virginia near the PA border

For all my 2015 Dustball Rally 2000 photos, Click Here. I’ll be adding more from the return trip home sometime soon.

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