Infiniti G35 Sedan Infiltrates Honda S2000 Club Drive

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Fall 2009 BMT

For the past few years, I’ve been somewhat of an honorary Honda S2000 ( club member in North Texas. I really enjoy the events they organize. Initially I somewhat fit in, at least having a convertible, with my Nissan 350Z Roadster. Then the baby came, and now I have the G35 sedan. While missing the open air aspect a bit, I always look forward to actually keeping up with the crazy fun S2000s in my family car. Saturday was to be the 7th semi-annual Boston Mountain Tour (BMT), organized by the OK and AR clubs, beginning in Eureka Springs, AR.

Due to the distance from North Texas to Eureka Springs, a tour to the tour was planned for Friday. Someone affectionately named this drive the Pre-Boston Mountain Tour Tour (PBMTT). Friday morning at 6:00 am came early after a late night of last minute preparation and packing. The car was packed and prepped for a couple hard days of driving to and in the Boston Mountains of NW Arkansas. By 8:00 am, cars were arriving in Melissa, TX ready for some fun. The majority of these cars were infiltrators as well.


Thirteen of us left for Eureka Springs that Friday morning around 8:45 am. We had plans to meet one more before leaving Texas, and three more in SW Arkansas. We had 425 miles to cover and wanted to do so before dark. Unfortunately the infamous and annoying daylight savings time change the previous week was making this much more difficult. The goal for the day was to be rounding curves more than driving in a straight line. I think we succeeded in doing so. It was a wonderful day on great roads filled with high speed sweepers and tight twisties, both on and off-camber. Some of the downhill sections had me wishing I had swapped to track/street brake pads like I did for the last event. But even with a brief downhill section of having to adjust for a little brake fade, I had a wonderful day of enjoying a very fun route which did not include a single Interstate or major highway. Unfortunately though, DST won the daylight race…by less than an hour. It was dark when we arrived in Eureka Springs, hungry and tired.

Saturday morning was the beginning of the actual Boston Mountain Tour, and as usual it was impeccably organized. We began with a parking lot full of amazing cars and drivers full of anticipation. After the drivers’ meeting, we hit the road in three groups. The first BMT I attended last spring was over many of the same roads. Regardless, the full day of driving was beyond fun and on some of the best roads ever made for sports cars. The highlight for me was most of the morning where I chased the leader of my group in his new S2000 CR. Needless to say, I had to concentrate a bit and keep it really smooth to keep up in the twisties. That guy could drive! We had a morning and afternoon break, photo opportunities of all the cars, and a great lunch and dinner. Thank you to all the members who made this event happen. I can’t wait for the next one. Maybe then I’ll go check out the Rowdy Beaver.

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