Infiniti Essence Concept

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Infiniti Essence Concept

For those who aren’t familiar, the Infiniti Essence Concept car is a gas/electric hybrid vehicle utilizing Infiniti’s “3D Motor” technology.  This electric motor provides 158 bhp and twice the torque of your run-of-the-mill unit.  Combine this with another 434 bhp from the twin-turbo 3.7 liter V6 and you’ve got a nice-sized 592 bhp and can get almost 30 mph in combined city/hwy driving.  You’ll notice plenty of intriguing things as you look through the photo gallery, including that the Essence has no mirrors.  There are 6 cameras to do that job.  One on the roof, one on each A-pillar, one in each quarter-panel vent, and one on the trunk lid.

Ever since I saw the press release on the Infiniti Essence Concept and read it would eventually come to Dallas, I was on a quest to find out the location, date, and time it would be here.  That quest ended a week or so ago when I received a response from @InfinitiNews on Twitter.  The Essence was to arrive at Hotel ZaZa on September 24.  I showed up and met Josh with Infiniti, who eloquently explained more about this hybrid beauty. A few photos were all I could take before leaving for another event, but Josh informed me there was an Infiniti owners event there later that evening. Perfect. I conveniently own an Infiniti G35 and could then get some night-time shots as well. So I swung by later on for a few minutes and then left with some more pictures and some champagne in my belly. It was a good night.

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