Infiniti injects new life into 2011 M & 2010 G Sedan

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On December 1, Infiniti held an event in Beverly Hills to reveal the much anticipated full-sized 2011 M. This fully redesigned M is an absolutely beautiful car. One might notice the design cues taken from the Essence Concept. The interior quality is arguably amongst the best in the world. Stunning. The M35 will become the M37, powered by the 3.7 liter V6 powerplant from the G37 making 330 hp and 270 lb/ft of torque. The M45 will be gone too, being replaced by the M56. The M56 gets a beastly 420 hp and 417 lb/ft of torque. Both will be available in all-wheel drive as usual. It sure seems that Infiniti is gunning pretty hard for the BMW 5 series sedans, whether intentional or not.

Infiniti also announced a few changes for the 2010 G37 Sedan. It seemed to be a bit of a small news item at this M focused event, but it was one that had my full attention. I won’t list everything but will hit on a few highlights. Most notably, the front fascia has been redesigned to be a bit more aggressive. Also, thankfully Infiniti finally ditched those horrible fog lights integrated into the headlight assembly. Now the fogs are where they should have been all along, down low. The rear-end has been subtly redesigned as well, although it’s the technology inside that will be noticed most by Average Joe. The nav system has been upgraded and now includes a 9.3GB hard drive for music, 7 inch touch-screen, real-time weather and traffic, and a restaurant guide. If that isn’t enough, you can even opt to stream mp3s over Bluetooth directly to the system. It seems these days even economy cars are getting some impressive tech, so kudos to Infiniti for a mid-cycle techno-kick to keep us nerds happy.

All in all, Infiniti has done a great job to keep the G37 exciting while we wait on a full redesign. Is that coming in 2011? Who knows, but this 2010 G37 remains one of the best luxury sports sedans on the road. If Santa is kind enough to drop $37,000 in my stocking this year, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to spend 2010 in a new 6MT Sedan.