It’s the little things

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I love when automakers pay attention to the little things…things that many may not notice at all.

I’ve had my 2005 G35 with the Bose stereo for over a year now and every time this happens, it brings a feeling of appreciation with it. I’m pulling into a destination and have the music blaring. Key off. I get out and walk away. When I return to the car, I often am still in the mood for loud music. Perfect. It comes back on at the same volume. But what If I’m not in the mood? Well, a click or two of the knob to decrease the volume actually resets it to zero. No matter how loud it was before, I now have to raise the volume to hear anything at all. I’m sure many cars’ head units have a similar feature, but it still doesn’t detract from it’s usefulness.

On the flip side, the layout of the center stack and head-unit is horrendous and a Nissan designer should have been fired for it. Why in the world should one have to replace not only the center stack panel, but the air-conditioning control unit? It’s asinine.