Snowmass – Automobili Exotica

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I stumbled across this group when visiting my parents while they were at their place in Buena Vista, CO for the summer last year. The Automobili Exotica was hosted by 3ZERO3 Motorsports in Denver and the Lamborghini Club of America.

The group started in Denver, drove to Buena Vista for lunch, where I was waiting for them, and then went on to Snowmass for the weekend. The next day, I borrowed my dad’s motorcycle, grabbed my camera, and headed over Independence Pass to meet them at the track. Needless to say, all weekend I was quite bummed I didn’t have my car there to join in on the fun.

Here are the photos I took. Click one to get to the gallery with likely way too many photos.

Check out the 3ZERO3 site for a great summary of the weekend and more photos which made me hesitate posting mine at all. : )

(Yes, it took me way too long to post this.)

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