2013 Dustball Rally 2000 – Cars & Coffee

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This morning Team Apex Phantom and a few other Dustball Rally cars went to the Dallas Cars & Coffee. Wow that was early. We rolled in at just before 7am to a surprisingly, mostly full lot. We passed out flyers for the driver meeting and launch next week, Team Sports Car Hunter distributed Dustball koozies, and we annoyed the local Lotus owners by taking some of “their” spots. All in all, a success.

Click the link below to check out the photos. This gallery will grow over the next 9 days, as I’ll be using it for all Dustball Rally photos.

2011 NISMO 370Z: The Review

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2011 NISMO 370ZNISMO. It is a word that is respected by many. It is also a word associated by others to racing decals on a bone stock Altima with a giant carbon fiber wing. Regardless of pre-conceived notions, the NISMO 370Z is a force to be reckoned with that’s not for everyone. My only knowledge of the NISMO Z, aside from statistics, is that I watched one lose it in the rain on turn seven at H2R, and sink itself in the mud, and that everyone I know who has driven it complained of the back-jarring ride. Yet, I was quite excited to experience the car, being a two-time VQ owner myself.