Team Hall & Nass takes on Dustball Rally

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Stickers. That’s what jump-started meeting Team Hall & Nass in person.

Johnny Hall and Taylor Nass were on a multi-day streak of little to no sleep in preparation for the 2009 Dustball 1500 Rally. Johnny and I had conversed over Twitter for months and on this day I was on my way to meet him and check out the bright yellow 2009 Corvette Z51 ZHZ convertible as he prepped it for the rally. That night I met his wonderful navigator as well…the blonde beauty who would run the electronics, consult the maps, and help Johnny solve the gimmick rally challenges over the next few days.

I was able to shoot a few pictures and help out Johnny with the many decals needing applied to the car that night. They planned on getting up early the next morning to head to El Paso where the Dustball Rally begins. It was a long night, but filled with great conversation, several pitchers of tea, a late-night run to Wendy’s, and still not being done when I left around 2am. Johnny and Taylor ended up pulling an all-nighter that night before heading to El Paso.

Decals being put on

What happened over the next few days will only fully be known by Team Hall & Nass and the other 30+ teams who traversed their way from El Paso to Las Vegas and back. The three day event was 2 full days of driving and challenges with a full day of rest in the middle. Even then, not all teams would make it to the finish line. Team Hall & Nass had quite the adventure and was often a front-runner for the win. However a series of events prevented them from a finish. The story of their rally experience in “Stickers”, as they affectionately named their Dustball Corvette ZHZ, can be read at  Make sure to check them out!  Also, someone is spreading a nasty rumor that some newbies might be bringing a family car to the 2010 Dustball Rally. The nerve. More to come on that. : )

After the rally, Johnny and I met a few times for a couple photo shoots to capture the Dustball Corvette ZHZ. We even attended a Men’s Steak-Out and Motor Show at Northwest Bible Church where he entered the car. Check out the Dustball Corvette as it intimidates lesser Corvettes and Bombardier luxury jets. Click each of the images below to check out the photo galleries!

Dustball Corvette and Bombardier jet

Dustball Corvette enters Car Show!