Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-24

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  • Good review @insideline_com: “2010 Nissan 370Z is one of the best coupe-to-convertible conversions on the road.” #
  • Guinness still has the overall win, but Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy rules the 100 degree day. #
  • Haha! RT @jalopnik: The Worst Possible Way To Advertise Your Business #lolcars #fail #
  • Another example of their bankruptcy goal! RT @jalopnik: Toyota Outhippies Itself W/ Freeway Flower Installation #
  • Anyone in the market for a 1940 Desoto? 2nd owner. all orig. body in good shape. $2500 #
  • RT @TexasDPS_PIO: Lots of new Texas laws go into effect on Sept. 1. Find out more: #
  • Wow. possibly the best site I’ve seen from a manuf. RT @michaelbanovsky: OMG I just fainted! “Extreme Truth” #gt3rs #
  • RT @SpeedSportLife: Good reading and some surprises… RT @Motor_Trend: 2009 Motor Trend Best Driver’s Car: #
  • Want The Stig intro quotes or the Cool Wall on your iPhone? there’s an app for that. #
  • SEC Bans Social Media @ college sporting events #SECfail #
  • beautiful. That list nails it. RT @michaelbanovsky: Yes, @camaro5 zealots, @dkriendler and I were right. Miata>Camaro. #
  • Video ad for Jay Leno’s new show. Greatness. From @therealautoblog #
  • +2 RT @raywert: +1 RT @PickupTrucks: Really, really starting to dislike how bloated and slow @Firefox has become. #
  • S2000. that’s an easy one. :) RT @michaelbanovsky: I may have found myself in a convertibleā€¦ #wid #
  • ha! RT @breakingauto: 2011 @Toyota Priuses feature softly strumming Paul Simon to walk along car at slow speeds, nod-smiling at pedestrians #
  • the Smart car. completely worthless #carchat #
  • I still say to kill the Smart car. it’s not worth anything but for a status symbol #carchat #
  • PLEASE! RT @michaelbanovsky: Oh hey, can we also kill the new look of Acura? It’s making people sick. #carchat #
  • I’d have to say the Hyundai Genesis as well. #carchat #
  • RT @automopedia: @michaelbanovsky the avalon’s…sporty. i mean, if you’re 75 years old anyway :P #carchat #
  • Agreed. RT @rumblestrip: @cbaccus HA!! Just as a “Morning Greetings From Deadwood” to Fritz I’d love to see the G8 GXP win #carchat #
  • drool. RT @Impho: speaking of e30 m3’s. how about stuffing a v10 into it? #carchat #
  • Impressive! @highmileage: RE: Kia Venga by @Taglane #
  • Twitter & cust service @ it’s best. Companies could learn a lot from @GaylordPalms #
  • Agreed. It’s brilliant! RT @therealautoblog: @breakingauto is my new favorite Twitter feed. #
  • What’s the deal w/ the Twitter porn spam lately? I’ve blocked 40+ followers in the past couple days. annoying #
  • HA! RT @breakingauto: Gov’t cancels Cash4Clunkers, shocked that a program paying people to make poor financial decisions is so successful #
  • F430 for sale at Infiniti dealership. nice RT @GrubbsAutoGroup: Just got Mario Andretti to sign the ’08 Ferrari F430. #
  • Absurd. Surprised it only took you 5 minutes to find. @michaelbanovsky: The fuel door release on the S2000. #wid #
  • Headed to the theatre to see “Marcus is Walking” looks like good production…examination of moments in life that are lived out in our cars #
  • EVAP purge volume control solonoid is getting power. Now to check continuity through ECM harness. #
  • Ugh. I hate electrical issues. Terminal 45 on ECM harness should have continuity to Evap harness. Prob is 45 doesn’t seem to have a contact #
  • At Frisco Rough Riders game & it’s someone’s bedtime. He’s doing well though. #
  • Any engine/electrical gurus out there? I need some help! Pls RT #
  • Had @berrylowman & @jennifatkins over tonight. Good conversation & good fajitas #
  • Any engine/electrical gurus out there? I need some help! Pls RT #
  • Very cool! RT @MysaltH2Oworld: Willie Williams wife to hand out spirit award. #Dustball awesome #

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