Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-07

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  • Forms & pmt to be sent tonight after navigator @shane_76 signs. Then it’ll be official! 2010 #Dustball Rally here we come! #
  • Love that SCCA has gimmick rallies. 1st practice for #Dustball Saturday w/ Johnny Hall of Team Hall & Nass fame filling in as nav! #
  • Great work! RT @infinitinews: RT @yozzup: My Infiniti commercial! #
  • #Dustball Rally payment is complete! #
  • Perfect! I just happen to love ridiculous. RT @DustballRally: #dustball 09 was long and dangerous, 2010 will be absolutely ridiculous #
  • August 13-15, 2010 RT @burnoutradio: @trentor_drive @teamhallnnass sounds like a plan when is the next dustball anyway? #
  • HA! RT @breakingauto: SURVEYED: Scale of reliability (1 = poor, 3 = less poor) — 1. Twitter 2. a Renault F1 tire installation 3. GMail #
  • great cartoon depicting txt messaging while driving. from @DrivEnthusiast #
  • The essentials. #
  • HA!! RT @BerryLowman: Put them 2gether & u never have 2 leave the couch! RT @trentor_drive The essentials #
  • hate that I missed #carchat tonight. I didn’t get home from work until after 8pm #
  • One month online and already making the headlines. Well done guys! @PeopleOfWalmart #
  • RT @jalopnik: 2011 Ford Mustang Gets 315 HP V6, 5.0-Liter “Coyote” V8, Six-Speed Gearbox #2011fordmustang #
  • Do it @Ford! Dooo it! RT @cbaccus: A very sporty Focus RS in Dearborn yesterday. Please bring it here permanently! #
  • HA! Two of the funniest things on twitter in one tweet! #
  • Stay tuned today from 10AM-2PM CDT as I run the SCCA DFW Map Rally! w/ @TeamHallnNass driver Johnny Hall as my navigator! #
  • My favorite video of the week. Block vs. Dyrdek. Greatness. #
  • SCCA gimmick rally is ROUGH! #
  • Good experience running SCCA Rally. Blew last leg but great lessons learned. #
  • Ran my 10yr old Passport 8500 & @TeamHallnNass new Valentine 1 today side-by-side. V1 had much better range & sensitivity #
  • RT @ScottMonty: @trentor_drive @TeamHazmatt The next gen Focus we’ll be making globally next year will be something special-just wait. #ford #
  • 85 degrees. 65% humidity. miserable. I’d rather be in the desert where it’s 110 and dry. #
  • RT @DR1665: Can we get BIO info in new follower emails? Maybe @spam button on all profiles? Tired of retard MLM spammers. Still <3 @Twitter #

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