Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-18

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  • Isn't there a law against arriving at work before sunrise? Blech. #
  • The fun word of this week: #Nismo @NissanNews #
  • I've driven this Nismo 370Z for 10 minutes & already hate my G35. #fb #
  • The munchkin is VERY excited about the Nismo. #
  • This NISMO is just crazy fun. valid excuses to get out & drive not needed. #370z #
  • I thought I wouldn't like it & would miss heel-toe, but Synchro-rev match rules all. #Nismo #370Z #
  • Luxury was not the word that came to mind when I saw this on the hwy. #
  • My G & the Nismo wouldn't both fit in my garage, so the G & I are in an under construction parking garage waiting out the hail #
  • I'm getting used to the constant spinal adjustments in the Nismo 370Z. I'm going to miss this one a lot next week. #beast #fb #
  • awesome. “@burnoutradio: Check out our latest Vid! Mustang 5.0 & MX-5 Miata greatness” #
  • suck. I doubt the 400mph winds are helping. “@dallas_news: Big wildfires burning in Possum Kingdom area; 30 homes gone.” #
  • Took a coworker for a spin in the Nismo 370Z. He is now suddenly bored w/ his 350Z. #
  • On the right: fast from the factory. On the left: crazy fast w/ some owner mods. #Nismo #WRX #
  • good luck out there! “@LewisHamilton: I hope u r all with me 2moro. Let's rock it!!!” #
  • Everything you ever wanted to know on the new Caddys. “@Caddyinfo: Cadillac Changes for 2012 –” #
  • Much interest in the NISMO 370Z at the DFW Auto Club meet. ranged from Yugo to Porsche GT3 owners. #
  • Crashed a DFW Mustangs dyno day in the NISMO 370Z w/ a few DFW Auto Club guys. #
  • Many thanks to Shawn for letting me drive his Porsche GT3! #drool #
  • Challenger SRT-8 392 on the dyno. Stock. 430hp 424tq #
  • Put the '11 NISMO 370Z on a dyno today. 303hp & 261tq #fb #
  • Sit down before you look Charlie. @burnoutradio #
  • This one is for you @BerryLowman. Showroom mint IROC-Z. #
  • Have I mentioned I drove a Porsche GT3 today? #lust #
  • gouge out my eyes please. RT @banovsky: Looks like the Toyota FJ is the new HUMMER H2… #
  • My 2yr old rocks. Of the entire wall of @HotWheelsOnline cars, he picked the @Porsche GT3 RS #
  • 60 mile #MS150 training ride today. #
  • 45mi into a 60mi bike ride is kicking my butt. A good long break at 7-11 should do the trick. #

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