Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-25

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  • This week, a bit of a character switch…@NissanNews XTerra Pro-4X #
  • Having a bit of difficulty getting IPL & Nismo reviews up. Hope to have those posted very soon. Sorry for the wait. #
  • My 2011 Infiniti IPL G Coupe review: #
  • Found a couple places to play in the XTerra Pro-4X. Now it's starting to really look like a 4×4. #
  • Apparently the Easter Bunny even has gifts for @BerryLowman. #
  • Mtn bike wasn't cutting it, picked up a road bike on CL. Ready for 40-50 mi today. #
  • The new steed. '00 Cannondale Black Lightning. Out for 30mi evening ride. #
  • REALLY long break 1/2 way into my #MS150 training ride. Someone dumped & burned a stolen Accord #

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