Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-08

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  • I miss the 104 in Vegas. It's only 12:30pm. #dustball #
  • Today my 2.5yr old randomly requested we watch Top Gear. Twice. I couldn't be more proud. #fb #
  • Now he's tired of Top Gear & asking for "Lighting Keen", otherwise known as Lightning McQueen. :) #
  • Free museum admissions for Bank of America or Merrill Lynch cardholders on Aug 6th and 7th via @dealsplus #
  • I needed more ground clearance. “@AsianMartin: @trentor_drive What have you done?” #
  • Instructed today for the BMW/Tire Rack Teen Street Survival. Always great to see kids leave as better drivers. #fb #
  • I'm at Dallas Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, TX #
  • so true. “@TeamHazmatt: There should be a national co-driver/navigator holiday for those who strap in next to fearless speed demons.” #

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